Lessons in the Storm

hands-2906458_960_720 pix2018 was quite a year. I’d say bittersweet is an appropriate descriptor. My first post was a New Year’s Wish List. The wishes were for you and I meant every single one of them. I never thought they’d all come true for me; well except excellence. I don’t know what happened there.

My elderly aunt had an accident in her home and wasn’t found for a couple days. It was traumatic and debilitating. I flew out to visit as soon as I could. Since she was alone and I was the only one in communication with her, I became her advocate. I didn’t know what to do and the cross-country trek complicated things. Wisdom was my answered prayer and grace a soothing balm in my hurts and failures. This dear lady became my friend and I developed a deeper love for her and a commitment to her protection. We spent much time together in her final months and seeing her go was a sorrow that I hadn’t expected. I still miss her.

Many things were revealed during this time. I saw who I was and what I wasn’t. There were temptations I hadn’t anticipated and provision made for a way out of them. I felt the strong arm and soft shoulder of my God and was blessed to walk this uncommon path. It’s not an easy thing to step into the suffering of others but there is an unexplainable beauty when you do, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Some days I made sound decisions and sometimes failed to be decisive. But it was in the backward glance that hindsight revealed the truth. I wasn’t walking this path alone but was being guided by the unseen hand of the Sovereign. With Him there is no oops or accidents. His plan is perfect and His purpose is perfecting His people through service. That was a privilege for which I am grateful.

ship-117013__340 Sailing pixabay (2)Life’s Lessons
The mettle of my faith was tested beyond expectation and strong winds beat hard against this small ship of my life. I found that…

  • Faith is a sea-worthy vessel, well able to navigate life’s storms.
  • My blessed Savior is both the Captain of my ship and the solid Rock upon which my anchor is moored. 
  • He is well seasoned in matters of tempests; for He once shushed the raucous wind and waves with three small words, “Peace be still.” And, for want of a boat, He tiptoed atop the treacherous sea to save his frightened disciples; with all the ease of one walking on solid ground. This storm of mine wasn’t His first.

How About You
Are your skies blue, seas calm and a comfortable breeze filling your sails? I hope so. Perhaps that’s not where you are now.  Maybe your small bark is sailing in different waters; navigating dark skies and gale force winds? You needn’t fear. There is an anchor upon which you can cast your hope. Hebrews 6:19– “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil.”  Let me tell you, THIS ANCHOR HOLDS. Turn over the helm of your life’s ship to Jesus and let Him speak peace to your storm.

God bless you and keep you,


Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Pictures compliments of Pixabay Creative Commons

10 thoughts on “Lessons in the Storm

  1. I have missed your words that speak so beautifully of life’s trials and challenges. Grateful you are sharing once again.
    And as always, there is spiritual truth and encouragement. My Anchor holds!


  2. Roxane, it is clear that crisis blossomed into something beautiful for both of you. Sometimes we only recognize our path when we look around and there is no one else to walk it. Thank you for encouraging us to step into crisis.


    1. Thank you for the insightful and encouraging words. I do believe God was all over this situation. Keep the armor on, sister. We never know where God will direct. Glad this was helpful. Roxanne


  3. Roxanne, i sure needed this today.My skies are grey and my and my sails sure aren’t calm.I’m having a really hard with this thing called lonely right now. I told my daughter, they say you go through a time of bitterness after you lose the love of your life and i think it has slapped me hard in the face. Please keep me in your prayers and i know God will calm my seas in time but it is sure hard. I never knew i could miss someone so much.


  4. I love this! I was in the Matthew passage and wrote about it in the post I have going up on Friday. I focused on Peter and him asking for Jesus’s help. He asked to get out of the boat and then asked To he saved when he started to sink. It amazes me how we can read the same passage and get such different lessons on faith. Additionally, how different seasons in our own lives bring different things to light. The Bible truest is the living, breathing Word of God!
    Wonderful life lessons and I’m glad you had the ability to walk through Aunts last days with her. It is a painful and difficult experience but is so beautiful and rewarding in its own way. I hope she was a believer. ❤️


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